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4 iced coffee tips

4 Iced Coffee Tips to Make Better Coffee at Home

If you love drinking iced coffee, especially as the weather gets a bit warmer, then we have 4 iced coffee tips for you! With these tips detailed below, you won’t need to go to a coffee shop to get a great iced coffee. You’ll be able to make one at home!

4 Iced Coffee Tips

Invest in an Iced Coffee Brewer

There are many ways you can make iced coffee. While you can always buy already brewed iced coffee in stores, brewing your own cold coffee often bring about the best result. So, if you’re prepared to drink a delicious cup of iced coffee often, investing in a cold coffee brewer is the best way to go. 

Use Ice Cubes Made of Coffee

Dislike how ice cubes keep watering down your iced coffee throughout the day? We’ve all been there. Try making iced cubes with coffee instead! Pour regularly brewed coffee into an ice tray, pop it in the freezer, and then use some of these coffee cubes in your iced coffee. In this way, your coffee won’t be watered down any longer! 

Experiment With Toppings and Added Ingredients

The great thing about iced coffee is you can really play around with this drink and try something different with each new day. There are so many different added ingredients you can add. Try finding the best creamer or milk to add — do you prefer whole, almond, or oat? Add drizzles of caramel or vanilla syrup to your drink for added flavor!

Invest In Great Mugs

While our other iced coffee tips are more about how to make a great cup of coffee to drink, this tip is more focused on the experience of drinking iced coffee. Invest in a stylish mug or tumbler to drink your iced coffee in. Drinking coffee is an experience, so why would drinking cold coffee be any different? 

While looking stylish is also helpful, you should also be sure that your new mugs or tumblers actually keep your iced coffee cold — especially if you’re using a to-go container. You don’t want the ice to melt in your drink quickly, especially if you’re not using ice cubes made of coffee! 

Q: Do I need an iced coffee brewer to make iced coffee?

A: You can make iced coffee by brewing regular coffee, then putting this brew into the fridge and allowing it to cool, often overnight or for long hours. However, the best way to get a great cold brew is by using iced coffee machines, as they help the coffee cool and brew better. 

Create Your Favorite Iced Coffee Recipe

The great thing about iced coffee is you can really change up the recipe to find a drink that you love the most. Now, it’s time to do just that! With these 4 iced coffee tips in mind, mix and match added ingredients and toppings in your coffee until you find your new favorite iced coffee drink. 

To make a great cup of iced coffee, you need to use great brews. That’s where we come in to help. Check out our coffee products to enhance your coffee experience!