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peaberry coffee taste

5 Things to Know About Peaberry Coffee Taste and Roasting

Touted as the “champagne of coffee” by coffee connoisseurs, there really is something special about a peaberry coffee’s taste. Peaberry coffee beans are naturally unique, and therefore taste different from your average type of coffee. For many, peaberry coffee is the best kind of coffee around — and that mainly has to do with the coffee’s overall taste and roasting process!

What Is Peaberry Coffee?

Peaberry coffee differs from your average type of coffee bean. In peaberries, a natural mutation occurs. Only one bean develops inside a coffee cherry, rather than the normal two. The word peaberry refers to the coffee bean; peaberry coffee can come in robusta and arabica assortments.  

Nobody really knows why this natural mutation occurs, though there are countless theories. Some believe this mutation is a result of inadequate pollination, others point to certain environmental circumstances. However, there has yet to be a clear determination as to why this natural mutation happens. On average, about 5-10% of all coffee beans harvested are peaberry.  

Peaberry coffee can be grown and cultivated in a variety of different regions and parts of the world, including the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Peaberries and regular coffee beans are grown and harvested the same. The quality of the peaberries will be similar to the quality of the entire crop of coffee beans. However, the differences between the two really appear during the roasting process — and then in the overall peaberry coffee taste. 

5 Things to Know About Peaberry Coffee Taste and Roasting

1. Peaberries Can Be Roasted More Evenly

Because peaberries only have one coffee bean developed, they appear rounder and somewhat smaller than your average coffee bean. This allows for peaberries to more easily be roasted evenly, which can positively affect the overall taste of the coffee. 

2. Peaberries Can Have More Caffeine

Peaberries are naturally different from other coffee beans. As a result, it makes sense that they would taste different or even have different properties. Because peaberries only have one coffee bean, many state that peaberry coffee has more caffeine than regular coffee beans! Coffee lovers know that the right amount of caffeine can make your day a whole lot better.

3. Peaberries Can Taste Sweeter

Peaberries can also sometimes taste sweeter than other types of coffee — though this really depends on the overall roasting job done. As a result, you may feel your peaberry coffee tastes sweeter sometimes, though other peaberry coffee bag purchases may not be as sweet as before. The cultivation process can also affect the overall sweetness or taste of peaberry coffee! 

4. Peaberries Are Considered the “Champagne of Coffee”

Coffee connoisseurs around the world state that peaberry coffee is the “champagne of coffee”. The overall taste of peaberry coffee can be more intense than other coffee varieties. As a result, it’s often touted as having a much better taste. 

5. Peaberries Can Have a Richer Aroma

Another plus when it comes to peaberry coffee! Peaberries are often said to have a much richer aroma when brewing. This is always a positive for coffee lovers, as a rich aroma helps enhance your daily coffee experience like no other. 

Q: Is peaberry coffee more or less acidic than normal?

A: Peaberry coffee is less acidic than other coffee varieties. Because peaberries are denser and only have one developed coffee bean, the bean can hold more flavor than your average coffee bean, though with less acidity. While peaberries have less acidity, the taste can sometimes feel brighter. 

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