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how to make coffee with a tea strainer

How to Make Coffee With a Tea Strainer

Learning how to make coffee with a tea strainer is the way to go if you want a wonderful, delicious cup of coffee without using any type of coffee machine or maker. While making coffee using these machines tends to be easier, you can still make a great cup of joe with just a tea strainer, though you might need a little patience to master this method.

Below, we’ve detailed exactly how to make coffee with a tea strainer — and how to get the best coffee out of this method.

How to Make Coffee With a Tea Strainer

To make coffee with a tea strainer, start by gathering all your ingredients together. You’ll need coarsely ground coffee, a mug, a tea strainer, and hot water. You can also use a coffee filter, if you’d like. 

Decide on what ratio of coffee to water you’re going to use. As strainers tend to be small, we recommend putting one to two tablespoons of coffee in the strainer for every mug’s worth of water. This ratio can of course change, if needed.

Once you have your coffee in the tea strainer, put the strainer over the top of the mug. You can place a coffee filter in the tea strainer, if you’d like. Then, pour hot water over the coffee in the strainer for about three to four minutes in a clockwise and then counterclockwise motion. Go slow and ensure all the water is slowly hitting the coffee. 

This should take up to four minutes. Once you’re done, you have your perfect cup of hot coffee! 

Tips to Make a Good Cup

Obviously, this method is very easy — but a lot can go wrong. Above all else, ensure that you slowly pour water over your coffee grounds. Pouring quickly won’t give you that delicious coffee taste or allow it to brew. Just remember to go slow!

A good tea strainer can also make all the difference in the world. This tea strainer is a great option if you’re looking for something to easily and seamlessly get the job done.

Q: What tea products can I use to make hot coffee?

A: Tea infusers and tea strainers can be used to make hot coffee. You can also put ground coffee in tea bags to make a cup of hot coffee!

Make the Best Cup of Coffee Today

You’ve now learned how to make coffee with a tea strainer at home — so it’s time to try this method out! Making coffee with a tea strainer is a great option for those who don’t have any coffee equipment, or for those who are on the go or traveling and don’t have a machine readily available to them. Try this method today and see if it works for you!

To make the perfect cup of coffee, it helps to have delicious, high-quality products. Check out our coffee products and find your new favorite brew today!