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different coffee roasts explained

The Different Coffee Roasts, Explained

Ever wanted the different coffee roasts explained simply? We’re here to help! While there are many words one can use to describe various types of coffee, most tend to explain the kinds of coffee by describing the roast of the coffee.

Coffee tends to be described as being either of a light, medium, or dark roast. These aren’t the only way to describe coffee roasts. For example, French roast is a popular and somewhat common roast description you may have seen before! But when we discuss the main roast levels, we’re talking about light, medium, and dark roasts.

Different Coffee Roasts, Explained

Coffee roasts differ from each other depending on the amount of time the coffee beans are roasted. The lighter the roast, the less time the beans are roasted. The darker, the longer.

While you may not think this does anything to the overall coffee bean, it actually both affects the bean’s appearance and the coffee’s overall taste. Different roasts can taste different, taste stronger or lighter, and have different aromas from each other!

Light Roasts

Light roasts are coffee beans that are roasted lightly, for a short amount of time, until the first “crack” is heard. Once this crack sounds, the beans no longer roast. While this crack often occurs somewhere around the 350-degree mark, lightly roasted coffee beans can reach up to 400 degrees max. 

Because light roasts aren’t roasted as long as other roasts here on this list, this type of coffee can taste different than the others. As it isn’t roasted as long, it has more properties and flavors similar to the natural green coffee bean than the darker roasts do. Light roasts also tend to have the most acidity and are considered the strongest coffee roast! 

Medium Roasts

A medium roast coffee is a balanced coffee. These coffee beans reach internal temperatures of around 410 to 428 degrees. The coffee beans stop roasting after the first “crack” is heard, but slightly before the second can sound!

Because medium roasts are somewhere in between light and dark roasts, this coffee is balanced all around. Medium roasts have a medium amount of acidity and all aspects of this roast are very balanced. In America, this roast is often a go-to. Popular medium roasts include House or Regular roasts! 

Dark Roasts

Dark roasts are, you guessed it, roasted for the longest period of time before burning. Normally, these coffee beans are roasted until they internally reach about 464 to 482 degrees. Because dark roasts are roasted for a longer period, this roast has more natural oils than all the other roasts.

Dark roasts tend to have an almost buttery finish, yet they are also the sweetest type of roast. Dark roasts are also less acidic than all the other roasts, and have a full body and a very rich flavor. Popular in Europe and elsewhere, common dark roasts include French, Turkish, and Italian roasts!

Q: What is the strongest coffee roast with the most caffeine?

A: While many people may think that dark roasts hold the most caffeine, light roasts are actually the strongest and have the most caffeine! Because light roasts aren’t roasted for long, original coffee bean properties are not roasted out of the bean. Therefore, more caffeine naturally stays within the coffee! 

The Best Roasts = The Best Coffee

Now that you’ve had the different coffee roasts explained, it’s time to find your favorite go-to roast. As with all aspects of coffee, the higher quality of the roast, the higher quality of the coffee experience. Our many different coffee products come in a variety of roasts and are sure to make your morning that much better! Browse our selection today!