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what is kosher coffee

What Is Kosher Coffee?

What is kosher coffee? Kosher dietary laws can be confusing if you’re not used to the specific Jewish guidelines put in place. When it comes to coffee, all the different additives and ingredients can quickly make coffee not available for kosher certification.

Don’t worry! We answer all your questions, as well as explain exactly what kosher coffee is, below!

What Is Kosher Coffee?

Kosher coffee is any coffee that is not mixed with any non-kosher foods or ingredients. Often, kosher certified foods are foods that do not include unclean ingredients added to the final product. Keeping meat and dairy separate is also important when it comes to kosher certification.

When it comes to kosher coffee, therefore, the simplest coffee with the least amount of additives tends to be kosher certified. For example, coffee that is made from hot water and coffee grounds can be kosher, as long as it doesn’t include any extra ingredients added. 

However, this doesn’t mean that only black coffee is kosher. Added ingredients can be added to coffee and still be considered kosher, as long as those ingredients are also following the kosher dietary guidelines. For example, if you add kosher milk to your cup of coffee, then technically this is still a kosher cup of joe! 

How Do You Find Out If Coffee Is Kosher?

Often, many coffee farmers and businesses will become kosher certified to ensure their customers that their coffee is indeed kosher. If a food item has a kosher certification, then the methods of farming and packaging were all approved and all adhere to kosher guidelines!

Adding extra ingredients and additives can still keep coffee kosher, though it can be difficult to understand if you’re looking to drink coffee at a local cafe. For example, a trendy cold brew coffee can quickly become non-kosher because of all those added ingredients.

To keep things safe, it’s always best to always invest in kosher-certified ingredients and products if you adhere to kosher dietary guidelines. When you make your own coffee at home, you have more control over exactly what you put in your drink! 

Look For Kosher Certifications

To make your life easier, it’s always helpful to look for kosher certifications on the ingredients and products you are buying. Kosher certifications are only given to products that are surveyed from beginning to end. So, when it comes to coffee, this means that from the farmers picking the coffee beans, to the roasting process, to the packaging process, are all surveyed and okayed when given a kosher certification! 

The process of packaging is also very important to ensuring that a product is kosher, something that can easily be forgotten. Therefore, looking for a kosher certification on any coffee you buy is an easy way to ensure that you’re truly investing in kosher certified coffee. Then, you’ll no longer have to ask “what is kosher coffee?” Instead, you’ll just enjoy having a perfect cup of joe every morning!

Q: When does natural coffee become non-kosher?

A: While regular coffee is often kosher, coffee can potentially become non-kosher when it is changed to be decaffeinated, flavored, or in any other way changed. Any added chemicals or ingredients can affect the status of kosher-certified coffee. 

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