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peaberry coffee caffeine content

What You Need to Know About Peaberry Coffee Caffeine Content

Touted as the “champagne of coffee”, there are many myths surrounding peaberry coffee. Peaberry coffee caffeine content is one of them. Peaberries are still quite rare in certain circumstances. Because peaberries are natural mutations of a normal coffee bean, there are still studies being done on these mutations. We’re still learning about peaberries, as well as about how much caffeine these beans can have.

Since we’re all still learning, myths have taken off. Some claim that peaberries have less caffeine than regular coffee beans, others that there’s more caffeine. Answering this question accurately is a bit more complex, which we explain below! 

Peaberry 101

First, a quick refresher of what peaberries actually are. Peaberries are natural mutations of a coffee bean that is roasted and cultivated. While normally cultivated the same way other beans are, peaberries often have a distinctive taste and aroma. They’re called the “champagne of coffee” for a reason.

Because of this mutation, peaberries have only one bean that develops in the coffee cherry. Normally, two would develop. As this mutation occurs naturally, nobody is quite sure why this happens. It is a rare occurrence, so peaberry is often considered some of the rarest coffee in the world to buy.

The Basics of Peaberry Coffee Caffeine Content

Let’s jump into how much caffeine peaberries actually contain. Often, people drink coffee — or, at least start drinking coffee — because they’re looking for a little pick me up. Therefore, people always like a little bit of caffeine added to their morning. 

Does peaberry coffee have more caffeine content than your average coffee beans? Yes. On average, peaberries have slightly more caffeine than regular coffee. However, there are certain types of peaberry brews and roasts that will also have more caffeine than others.

Peaberries that come from the Robusta coffee plant tend to have the most caffeine content. Peaberries can also be roasted just as regular coffee beans, though their even shape allows for a better roasting session. Because they can roast for various timeframes, you can get peaberries in light, medium, and dark roasts.

Light roasts tend to have the most caffeine. Dark roasts have less, though do have a more distinctive taste than the lighter roasts. So, if you’re looking for peaberry coffee with a lot of caffeine, try to find a lighter peaberry roast, or one from the Robusta coffee plant!

Q: Why is peaberry coffee expensive? 

A: Peaberry coffee is more expensive than other coffee beans because it’s rare. Only about 5-10% of all coffee beans are peaberry. Naturally, the price of these beans will go up the rarer it is! 

Try Peaberry Coffee Yourself

Peaberry coffee is one of the rarest coffees in the world. It’s the “champagne of coffee”. It’s so elusive people have created myths about it. Why not try peaberry coffee yourself to see what all the well earned fuss is about? Check out our peaberry coffee products and have a perfect cup of coffee!