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Jamaican blue mountain coffee

Why Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Is So Unique

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is considered to be one of the rarest and most unique types of coffee varieties around. For coffee connoisseurs, the coffee that’s cultivated in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica is the best in the world. The climate, elevation, and cultivation are the reasons for this grand acclaim — and why so many love authentic Jamaican coffee.

The History of Coffee Cultivation in Jamaica

The history of coffee cultivation in Jamaica is quite long. In 1728, the Governor of Jamaica started importing coffee from Martinique, allowing the delicacy of coffee to be bought in the country. About nine years later, it was discovered that the Blue Mountains of Jamaica were excellent sites to grow high-quality coffee beans. Ever since, for more than 250 years, coffee has been grown, cultivated, and exported from the country.

Today, all the cultivation of coffee done in the Blue Mountains is regulated and watched by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. This helps ensure that the coffee is grown correctly, but it also helps consumers understand which Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is authentic, and which is not. All authentic coffee cultivated in the Blue Mountain regions is labeled by this board. 

The Climate and Elevation Enhance Coffee Quality

The quality, aroma, and taste of Jamaican coffee are a result of the naturally perfect conditions the coffee beans are grown in. The Blue Mountains of Jamaica reach elevations of over 2,000 feet above sea level. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is specifically cultivated in a small part of the mountain range in the east. 

The climate conditions also help the natural growth and cultivation of these high-quality coffee beans. Temperatures are naturally cool because of the mountain elevations. Generous rainfalls also help with the overall growth.  These coffee beans are also grown in the natural volcanic soil that is found in the Blue Mountains! 

The Unique Taste of Jamaican Coffee

Jamaican coffee is considered to be so unique because of the small area where it’s grown, but also because the taste of the coffee is excellent. A perfectly cultivated and roasted batch of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee can taste refined with a nice body, with some tones of chocolate, incredibly smooth and balanced, and with an almost creamy sweet taste. 

Jamaican coffee has a medium yet bright acidity. Plus, it doesn’t taste bitter at all! Overall, the coffee has a very delicious flavor and taste. Coffee connoisseurs love it for a reason! 

Authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is flavorful, intense, unique, and rare. As a result, it can be more expensive than other coffee varieties, but coffee connoisseurs know that it is well worth the extra price. However, there are other coffee types that are of the same varietal as the Jamaican Blue Mountain type.

While these varietals are grown in other places around the world, all of which are placed in similar elevations and climates like the Blue Mountains, they are not the same as the coffee grown in Jamaica. They may taste better than other coffee varieties, but they still fall flat when compared to Jamaican coffee.

This is why authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is so unique — and so desired by coffee lovers. Even similar varietals don’t compare to this unique, flavorful coffee! 

Q: How can you tell if Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is real or authentic?

A: There are many types of similar varietal coffee varieties around that say they are from the Blue Mountains. To ensure that you’re purchasing Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, check for the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica stamp that is only marked on authentic coffee from the Blue Mountains.  

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