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About Us

Blue Mountain Coffee Company is dedicated to distributing high-quality, one-of-a-kind coffee that all coffee lovers can truly enjoy. We exclusively distribute Jablum, True Brew, and Wallenford coffee brands in the United States. Made by Mavis Banks Coffee Factory from coffee beans grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, they expertly cultivate their crops like no other. We distribute their unique coffee brews to help enhance any coffee enthusiast’s morning!

A Good Cup of Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee Company distributes the uniquely tasting Jablum, True Brew, and Wallenford coffee — all of which come from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Through our distribution, we can help all coffee lovers experience the best coffee in the world, regardless of where they live!

Unique Coffee Beans

In the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, the “best coffee in the world” grows. A unique exotic blend, the coffee beans found in the Blue Mountains have consistently impressed coffee lovers for centuries.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

For more than 250 years, farmers have grown and cultivated coffee from the Blue Mountains in the same area as Wallen. The Blue Mountains of Jamaica rise at elevations higher than 2,000 feet above sea level!

Wallenford Coffee

A captain in the British Navy with a passion for botany, Matthew Wallen arrived in Jamaica in 1746. Throughout his life, he grew coffee in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and recorded more than 400 varieties of ferns in the area. Wallenford Farm was created to continue his coffee productions.

The Beginning

In 1728, the Governor of Jamaica first imported coffee from Martinique. Nine years later, after discovering the country was in great condition for cultivation, about 83,000 lbs. of coffee was exported from Jamaica.